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Image: Copy Cat Conspiracy cover art by Cris Ortega

Copy Cat Conspiracy & Tailing A Tune, a two book prequel

This was a fantasy/sci-fi series I had been working on since age 14, (when did two decades pass?). The Blue Ribbon series starred two main protagonists. A super advanced android who thought she was human and a black guy in his mid-forties who was a peace keeper. She thought the government was out to get her and he was investigating a series of murderers spanning several countries and upon encountering her finds her to be the most likely suspect.

In the two book series, Shail (the guy) would become a mentor to the young Nettie (the android girl). Due to the events of the end of book 1 of the two book series, I was writing the books simultaneously. (Ok, honestly, I started book two but decided it wasn't the "right" starting point so I went back further and started book one and discovered why Nettie didn't know Shail in book two this way! ... Nature..uh... finds a way.)

In a few days (hopefully if I have time), I will load what I have for you to be able to read. However, due to circumstances, I most likely will not finish these stories.

These stories were intended to be prequel style stories to a much longer series about Nettie which would span at least 8 more books directly related to her and introduce the World of Eresia with magic and technology and the Otherside and the Darkness, to make way for Marian, Shiki, Clover, the dollkin, Raizen, and even have a series where Nettie, Marian, Shiki, Clover, and Raizen end up as a group of protagonists going together to the Isle of Mystria. (Terrible sentence-paragraph. I know.)

This story has literally gone through more than a baker's dozen full rewrites because I can't edit without changing the entire story. That's why with most of my writing, you find it free and 100% unedited/first draft version.

I apologize in advance for this.

~Skyla Blazewright
xoxo Skyberfire

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