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"I don't know what I'm doing, so I'll just have tea instead." - a novel by me

Meet Skyberfire

Skyla Blazewright, AKA Skyberfire, is a tea nerd with a mastery to prove it. She's an artist, a crafter, an ADHD style hobby collector, and cat-dog-and-small-human parent.

Sky has built the Skyberfire business and Falling Leaf Tea by Skyberfire brand since 2019.

I built this business from a desire to help others. When the pandemic hit in 2019-2020, I wanted to present affordable but still quality based tea blends in a time when affordable was the most important thing to everyone.

It hasn't always been perfect. Some things have gone right in business. Some hiccups have been encountered. But over all, I try to keep my faith in what I do, and to bring the things I enjoy to everyone else.