Copy Cat Conspiracy

The Blue Ribbon Series - Skyberfire

The Blue Ribbon Series

This was a fantasy/sci-fi series I had been working on since age 14, (when did two decades pass?). The Blue Ribbon series starred two main protagonists. A super advanced android who thought she was human and a black guy in his mid-forties who was a peace keeper. She thought the government

Chapter 1 - Dream Monsters

Chapter 1
Dream Monsters



Why was it always rain?

Did rain cause some sort of heightened connection to the feeling of urgency, or fear? Was the chill of the rain supposed to affect a person in a way to make them feel disconnected from the world, or perhaps make them feel alone or completely isolated? Did it matter how a person felt when it was raining, or shining, or was all of that a complete fabrication put in a person’s head by the wealthy or powerful?

But the rain wasn’t cold. She looked at her pale hands, watching the water bead up in her palms or splash off her fingers and arms. The rain was warm, and even though she was soaked through, she didn’t feel cold.

She heard an unexpected noise and turned around to look for the cause.

Read more in chapter 1, Dream Monsters.

Copy Cat Conspiracy (book cover) - Skyberfire

Copy Cat Conspiracy (book cover)

One is suspicious of the government, the other is employed by the government. When they meet, the only logical thoughts to have are "she's the murderer" and "he's going to take me to a secret government facility so scientists can experiment on me!"