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Welcome to the World of Eresia...

Blue Ribbon Series #1
Copy Cat Conspiracy

  • Author Note
  • Book Cover
  • Chapter 1 Dream Monsters
  • Chapter 2 Love Doll Creations
  • Chapter 3 Injustice and Searching
  • Chapter 4 Last Drink
  • Chapter 5 Training
  • Chapter 6 Dead Sound
  • Chapter 7 Scheming (working title)
  • Chapter 8 Blue Ribbon
  • Chapter 9 Gorgeous Red
  • Chapter 10 Shail Sancakli (working title)
  • Chapter 11 Nettie Garson (working title)
  • TBA




Blue Ribbon Series #2
Tailing A Tune

  • Author Note
  • Book Cover (TBD)
  • Chapter 1 Too Late to Run
  • Chapter 2 Break in the Blue Ribbon Case (working title)
  • Chapter 3 The Heroine Got Abducted by the White Knight (working title)
  • Chapter 4 Suspect Come and Gone
  • Chapter 5 Servant Foreshadowed A Coming Darkness
  • Chapter 6 The White Knight Hints at... Something...
  • Chapter 7 Tracking the Blue Ribbon
  • Chapter 8 The Antagonist Word-Vomits to the Heroine
  • Chapter 9 In Which the Heroine Becomes a Criminal

 World of Eresia
Short Stories

  • Author Note
  • Book Cover (TBD)
  • The Luggage Trunk
  • The Luggage Trunk 2
  • Percy and the Market Day Acquisition
  • The Tale of Skudge and Gran
  • The King and the Ogre
  • The Thief and the Biggest Score
  • The Isle of Assassins
  • Hinsley's Backstory (working title)
  • LOTUS, Day 1 (working title)
  • My Wife and I (working title)
  • Cry Yourself To Sleep (working title)
  • The Day the Dolls Came Alive


Coming Soon
(all working titles)

  • Marian's Books
  • Shiki's Books
  • Clover's Books
  • Raizen's Books
  • The Isle of Gemstones
  • Project ARISA
  • World of Eresia Setting Guide
  • World of Eresia Character Guide
  • World of Eresia Magic Guide
  • World of Eresia Maps & Layouts
  • History of the World of Eresia
  • Beyond Eresia's Skies
  • World of Eresia Campaign Book
  • History of LOTUS
  • The Last King of Aldor


Teatime Talk - the blog I need to write One-shot stories & poems
The Black Knight - a children's story (incomplete...sort of...) Doll In The Window - (written under pseudonym Jaimie Gross, illustrated by Jeff Chen... available on Amazon kindle)
Ideas & Writing Prompts The Evil Fairy - a children's story
Recipes Using Tea Recipes For Tea Parties
Tea-riffic Puns
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