Custom 3D printing


Are you looking to get some printing done on a 3D printer?

Don't want to invest in the machines?

I can help!

Currently, we've gone off the deep end into 3D printing. Short of printing ourselves an actual house (although I admit I'd love a better one and I have printed doll houses and miniatures) we've gone through a spectrum of items, some which we've designed ourselves and others we've licensed to print.

We want to be able to help you, so we're currently.....


Just message us to learn more. Please note, we get 1,000's of emails a day, so we may not see it if you email us directly. So hit us up using our chat feature, or on Facebook messenger, (or even text us at our cell number 920-456-9730 to arrange an appointment time to do a phone call... it's better this way because I'm half deaf) so let us help you help yourself by using us as a printing service!

IF I FITS, I PRINTS! We can print that for you.

Contact us here on our website to learn more.