One-Shot Stories, Poetry, and Letters

  • A Letter To Dave

    by Skyla Beranich A Letter To Dave - Skyberfire

    Sometimes grief takes different forms. Mine has been in the form of my writing and art. The art piece attached to this is titled “Dave”. He is my father-in-law. The strength he has is immeasurable and he’s gone on his journey to the Ether after a battle with cancer. He’s not gone. He’s just transformed into a Phoenix like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. He’s still with us. It’s not the end, and in the next life we’ll meet again. 

    I love you, Mr. Father-in-law. Dave. Dad. 

  • The Best Things In Life Are Not Free

    by Skyla Beranich
    The simplest things in life are free,
    Or at least that is what they say to me.
    The simplest thing is saying a lie,
    But that just makes people hurt inside.

    The most beautiful things in life are free,
    Or at least that’s how
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