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Coming soon! - Skyberfire

Hey, so glad to have you visiting Skyberfire! We have 15 new teas just arrived in stock and are hard at work curating even more. But I just wanted to stop by and let you in on a secret: I've sourced some certified Kosher teas!

So far the count is up at 90 of them, and I am so excited to be able to share them with you. Because Kosher certification raises the costs on them, I can't carry everything in stock, but I will have special ordering as an option. It will just take a little longer for it to get to you.

In addition to Kosher certified teas, I'll be slowly adding spices (for tea and cooking), individual herbs, and plenty more tea options that will also be under the special order category.

By the end of September, you will have over 100 different teas to choose from, and that's just a low estimate. Keep an eye on the website, instagram page, or facebook page where I try to keep you well informed. You can also become a patron over on patreon if you'd like advanced catalog access, or just to help support me keep the lights on.

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